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Why Us

  • 300 hours of comprehensive lectures including live surgeries, demonstrations and hands-on sessions
  • Five six-day sessions that include weekends
  • Over 8-10 Speakers from amongst the most distinguished names in Implantology
  • Learn from the cumulative experience of your class which places and restores over 200 implants through the MaxiCourse┬«
  • Certificate of Completion is awarded by the AAID
  • Non-commercial course covering the spectrum of implant types and systems

  • In depth review of surgical and prosthetic protocols
  • Guidance to select an implant system that would work in your practice
  • Excellent review of fundamental sciences and treatment planning
  • Practice management module that provides ideas to market your implant practice Live hands on training to treat your patients
  • Hands on placement of a minimum of 10 implants with CBCT planning comprehensive diagnostic and step by step instruction

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